Brown is favored to win NBA Coach of the Year with the Kings

Brown is favored to win NBA Coach of the Year with the Kings

The NBA’s Coach of the Year award recognizes Brown, the bench boss who leads his club to regular-season success despite obstacles.

Boston Celtics interim head coach Joe Mazzulla has done a commendable job in Ime Udoka’s absence since September, but he is currently behind an odds-on frontrunner who is startling the league in Sacramento.

Let’s take a look at the current betting lines for NBA Coach of the Year and see who the real candidates are.

Latest NBA Coach of the Year award odds update

The Sacramento Kings are a shocking No. 3 seed in the Western Conference of the NBA with ten games left in the regular season, considering that the last time they made the playoffs, T Pain’s “Buy U A Drank” was a top-40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

Sacramento entered the season with what many considered to be unrealistic postseason aspirations, but Brown has his team regularly playing above the sum of its parts and overcoming some glaring shortcomings on defense. Their offense currently ranks first in the league.

Brown had more discerning expectations for 2022–23 and almost 20 years of losing culture to overcome, and he did so in spades. Joe Mazzulla and Mike Malone deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve done this season, but Brown deserves even more.

Understanding NBA Coach of the Year odds

The odds displayed by most bookmakers will be in the American format described above. As an illustration, let’s look at the voting for Rookie of the Year in 2019-2020:

Ja Morant started the season as a heavy favorite. Hence the odds for him had a negative (-) symbol before the number:

Ja Morant -500

A bettor would need to risk $500 in order to earn $100. A plus (+) sign would precede the number for any other option with lower probabilities. At the beginning of the season, before a clear favorite has emerged, wagering lines will look like this:

Zion Williamson +650

In this case, for every $100 gambled, the possible return is $650.

Easily convert from American odds to decimal or fractional format with our NBA betting guides‘ odds converter. You can also adjust the odds display settings at most online sportsbooks.

NBA Coach of the Year trends

  • The Coach of the Year’s squad has won 55+ games in each of the last ten seasons, excluding the two COVID-affected seasons (2019-20, 2020-21).
  • Mike Budenholzer, Gregg Popovich, and Tom Thibodeau are the only three coaches in that time who have earned COY more than once.
  • Since Doc Rivers, no first-year head coach has been named Coach of the Year (2000).
  • No coach has ever been named COY consecutively since the award’s introduction in 1963.

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